Anthony Natale


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Washington State University (1997), Master of Social Work, Portland State University (1999), Doctor of Philosophy - Social Work, University of Denver (2005)

Research Interests: HIV/AIDS, Trauma and Human Behavior Theory,  Social Work Pedagogy and Instruction

My professional research career has focused on removing the challenges to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in order to reduce health disparities among ethnic minority Men who have Sex with Men (MSM). I have explored MSM culture and contexts, barriers to Latino HIV care-engagement, MSM service engagement, and HIV health literacy. At this time, I am interested in furthering the field by using cutting edge mobile technologies to explore the impacts of MSM culture on health attitudes, beliefs, practices, and well-being. In particular, I am interested in how social media is altering the socialization and acculturation processes of young ethnic minority MSM, and how these changes impact HIV transmission risk. In order to proceed with this line of inquiry, I am proposing the development of a transdisciplinary (Social Work, Public Administration, Education, Psychology and Sociology) mobile research team that will cultivate the knowledge and network capacity essential for responding to barriers to achieving MSM health equity.

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