Board of Visitors

Established in 2000, the Board of Visitors promotes social work education at the University of Oklahoma. Social Work is a profession devoted to the enhancement of human well-being and to the alleviation of poverty and oppression. This is accomplished through the promotion, restoration, maintenance and enhancement of the social functioning of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. The expansion of human service programs and areas of practice that utilize social work knowledge and skills has created a demand for professional social workers. Social work offers a challenging and exciting career for the individual who is motivated to help others and has a personal commitment to the advancement of social justice.

If you are interested in being involved with the Board of Visitors, please contact Julie Miller-Cribbs.

Current Board of Visitors

Chairman: Mike Fogarty
Vice-Chairman: Randy Tate
Secretary: Cyd Roberts
Hall of Fame Awards Committee Co-Chairs: Edwina Luker & Bob Mann
Development Committee Chair: Mike Fogarty
Membership Committee: Connie Schlittler
Scholarship Committee: Sherry Oliver
Alumni Relations: Shawn Partridge

Bonnie Ballantine
Carol Behrens
Carol Bridges
Mike Brose
Peter Correia
Patricia Fennell
Barbara Fergeson
Greer Fites
Kim Garrett
JoAnne Goin
Nola Harrison
Grace Kelley
Mary Jo Kinzie
Edward Lake
Bob Mann
James Marks
Patricia Mathes-Kerr
Joe McElhaney
Cyd Roberts
Latonya Robinson
Sarah Schulz
Elizabeth Shumate
Julie Skinner
Randy Tate
Alecia Teacher
Lisa Van-Triest Peaden
Terrie White

Emeritus Members

Don Abbott
Bernard Albaugh
Patty Albaugh
Fran Allitzer
Lenore Arlee
Lynda Arnold
Cheryl Bay
Candace Blalock
Flanders Byford
Don Carter
Jeff Chace
Wayne Chess
Jacqueline Cook
Terrie Fritz
Linda Ketcher Goodrich
Larry Gross
Audry Haldaman
Howard Hendricks
Elma Holder
Oscar Jackson
Ina Javellas
Ammon Jenkins
Charlotte Kendrick
Gail Lapidus
Robert Lee
Sue Lunsford
Mike McCurtain
Rietta Miller
Sharon Neuwald
Julia Norlin
Tim O'Conner
Virginia Olds
Evelyn Seaton
Sue Settles
M. Jodie Standard
Gary Theilen
Jerry Toops
James Ybarra