Center for Social Work in Healthcare

The Center for Social Work in Healthcare is dedicated to promoting and supporting the optimal use of the social work profession in health care settings, with an emphasis on primary health care settings.  This is accomplished through the provision of educational opportunities and  supports to social work students who have demonstrated an interest in interdisciplinary practice in health care. The center supports and participates in Oklahoma projects and programs focused on improving primary and community health, and supporting the increased use of evidence based social work practice in health care. In addition the Center provides technical assistance and resources to primary care practices that are interested in developing social work positions within their practices, or improving the use of social work in their interdisciplinary teams.

The Center for Social Work in Healthcare upholds its mission through supporting student opportunities through elective courses related to social work practice in health care and offering stipend support for field experiences in healthcare, graduate research assistantships, and interdisciplinary training opportunities in conjunction with the OU Health Sciences Center. One such program open to graduate students is Empowering Patients through Interprofessional Collaboration (EPIC). Another, open to both undergraduates and graduate students, is All Professions Day. Both are interprofessional multidisciplinary experiential programs that train OU students from 13 disciplines to work together to serve people in our communities.

The CSWHC is involved in various activities aimed at supporting the adoption of evidence based best practice models for the use of social work in healthcare and ensuring social work is able to practice using clinical interventions to promote behavioral change and improved health. Some of these activities are the provision of technical assistance, start up support and continuing technical support to SoonerCare Medical Home practices that have demonstrated interest and potential capacity to employ and sustain social work professionals in primary health care settings. CSWH collaborates with and supports Oklahoma programs and projects with a goal of improving access to and quality of primary care and community health services in Oklahoma.

Terrie Fritz, Director
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Center for Social Work in Healthcare
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