David A. McLeod


  David transitioned to social work after serving as a police detective in the Little Rock Arkansas metro, where his primary focus was on the investigation of child abuse and sexually related crimes. His clinical experience is in forensic social work, where David spent time working with the NGRI community and in offender treatment and risk evaluation. As an academic he continues his commitment to serving the vulnerable by working to broaden the understanding of criminal psychopathology and forensic trauma (the manner by which crime impacts individuals, families & communities). David believes that real justice is found in comprehensive freedom from violence rather than a singular secondary response to it.  

"For me, social work is about taking action. Gandhi called us to be the change we want to see in the world and I believe we don't have to wait for permission to do so."  


 AA, BA, MSW - University of Arkansas at Little Rock


 PhD - Virginia Commonwealth University

  Advanced Clinical Practice

Justice Policy


Forensic Social Work


Criminal Psychopathology

Forensic Trauma

Child Welfare

Educational Technology

Service Learning