David Moxley


David is a member of the faculty of the Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work (University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA) where he teaches in the school’s graduate concentration on administration and community practice, and focuses on capacity building of community-based organizations in the areas of health, social services, and mental health. David serves as the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority Medicaid Endowed Professor of Health and Professor of Community Practice in Social Work. He came to the University of Oklahoma from Wayne State University, Detroit where, for over twenty years, he served on the faculty of the School of Social Work. With considerable experience in multiple genre of community-based and participatory action research, David combines inquiry with technical assistance to grassroots community service organizations, entities that possess global significance, are emerging rapidly given the numerous challenges societies face in the provision of social and human services, and form the backbone of social innovation worldwide. His work cuts across multiple fields of human services and social welfare including serious mental illness, developmental disabilities, youth services, and aging. The common thread is innovation in community support of people who experience multiple life challenges, particularly serious health concerns. In addition to his responsibilities at the University of Oklahoma, David serves on the doctoral faculty of the Addis Ababa University School of Social Work and Social Development (Ethiopia) and has held Fulbright appointments in the Volga Region State University of Service (Russia) and Bhagat Phool Sing Mahila University, located in Sonepat, India. While on the faculty of the Wayne State University School of Social Work David co-chaired the Graduate Program in Community Practice and Social Action, a curriculum that integrated experiential learning, service learning, and civic engagement, and involved students and faculty in reflective assessment and action research. For four years he served as Associate Dean (Interim) for Strategic Planning and Marketing. He has garnered extensive experience in working with community groups internationally, nationally and locally in projects incorporating neighborhood and community development undertaken in partnership with individuals facing long-term disabilities or diminished rights. Community-academic collaboration is an important focus of David’s research approach, which often incorporates interprofessional collaboration, as well. Over his career, David has collaborated with colleagues from diverse disciplines including nursing, psychology, engineering, pharmacy, public administration, interior design, architecture, and the arts. Before joining the faculty of Wayne State University, David was Vice President of Organizational Development for Southwest Community Health Centers based in Columbus, Ohio where he was responsible for the creation of vocational development, employment, housing, and primary and behavioral health care services for people coping with serious mental illness or neuropsychiatric disabilities. In this position he led resource development, program development initiatives, business planning, and evaluation activities, and he served as the corporate research liaison to universities. Prior to this work, David was an administrative associate in the Office of Resource Development Administration at the Nisonger Center for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (Ohio State University) where he was responsible for proposal development, the conversion of applied research into usable habilitation products, knowledge dissemination, and technical assistance to faculty for community-based research and social intervention design. He is a contributing co-editor of the Sourcebook of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Practice (Kluwer Academic Plenum, 2003) and Consumers as Providers in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (IAPSRS Press, 1997), and co-author of Keeping Students in Higher Education: Successful Practices and Strategies for Retention (Routledge, 2001). He is the author of Case Management by Design (Wadsworth, 1997) and The Practice of Case Management (Sage, 1989). His most recent book published in 2011 by the National Association of Social Workers focuses on the development of community-based organizations. Beyond Oversight addresses the governance of small nonprofit organizations. All of his books are inquiry based products of David’s action research.