Norman Faculty

  Herman Curiel                               

Herman Curiel, Professor, 1981
cultural considerations in delivery of social services, ethnicity with emphasis on Hispanic populations in the context of
social service issues



 Jeanette Davidson

Jeanette Davidson, Professor, 1997
black-white interracial
marriage, racial identity attitudes,
cross-cultural clinical practice, social work education. African and African-American studies



David McLeod, Assistant Professor, 2013
Criminal Psychopathology; Forensic Trauma; Neuroscience; Female Sexual Offenders; Child Welfare & Social Service Delivery Systems; Child Abuse Investigation; Violence Prevention; Progressive Educational Approaches


Christina R. Miller

Christina R. Miller, Assistant Professor, 2009
improving adult outcomes for youth with disabilities, service-learning, volunteerism and community engagement



David Moxley, Oklahoma Medicaid Endowed Professor, 2006  
Organization and effectiveness of social services for people with disabilities; homelessness; community support of people coping with serious mental illness; vocational development

Anthony Natale 

Anthony Natale, Assoicate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, 2006
HIV/AIDS prevention with communities of color, gay and lesbian communities, public health, social policy


Chie Noyori-Corbett, Assistant Professor, 2013
international human trafficking as a vehicle for violence against women, risk and protective factors around juvenile delinquency, gender-sensitive program for NGOs dealing with juvenile violent behavior

James A. Rosenthal

James A. Rosenthal, Professor, 1985
child-welfare issues, program evaluation, research methodology

Susy Villegas 

Susy Villegas, Assistant Professor, 2004
child-welfare services, gender, race and ethnicity and intervention out-comes, cultural adaptation processes impacting Hispanic families


Steven Wells 

Steven Wells, Clinical Assistant Professor, 1988
child-welfare training foster parents and the education of foster children, families and disabilities



Tulsa Faculty

 Barbara Bramble

Barbara Bramble, Pracitucm Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor, 2006
marriage and family, field educaton

Lisa Byers

Lisa Byers, Assistant Professor, 2005
American Indian mental  health with
an emphasis on
depression, discrimination

Tonia Caselman 

Tonia Caselman, Associate Professor, 2001
cross-cultural/ international, mental health and child development, school social work, impulse control programs

 Andrew Cherry

Andrew Cherry, Endowed Professor, 2003
mental health issues that impact people who have a dual diagosis, incarcerated wormen and their children

 Lori Franklin

Lori Franklin, Clinical Assistant Professor, 2007
mental health, adult survivors of trauma, LGBT issues,  ethics, clinical supervision, decision cases

Karen Gray

Karen Gray, Assistant Professor, 2008
poverty, single mother families in and out of poverty, interventions, grassroots community organizing community land trusts

Kirsten Havig

Kirsten Havig, Assistant Professor, 2011
 social justice, human trafficking, field education

Gena Massey

Gena Massey, Clinical Assistant Professor, 2008
medical social work, field education, community health

 Julie Miller-Cribbs

Julie Miller-Cribbs, Assistant Director and Associate Professor, 2006
poverty, health care disparities, social and human capital, community based participatory research

Ric Munoz

Ric Munoz, Clinical Assistant Professor, 2009
social work and the law, community
health and medical social work, social justice

Showa Omabegho

Showa Omabegho, Assistant Professor, 2009
administration in social work,
advocacy, program development