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Yes, the school is accredited by CSWE.

We offer a variety of program options: part-time, full-time, and advanced standing. The advanced standing program, which starts in the summer, is 33 hours and is only for students with a BSW degree. The part-time and full-time programs, which start in the fall, are 60 hours and are for anyone from any background.

Courses are offered at 2 locations: Norman and Tulsa campus. Students who are admitted into the Tulsa program will take courses at OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center. Students admitted into the Norman program will take classes at the OU-Norman campus. Students who want to take a class at a different campus MUST get permission from both Norman and Tulsa graduate coordinators.

Generally, Foundation year classes are available in a weekly format, either in the afternoon or evening, and some courses are offered in a condensed format on four weekends. Concentration Year classes are usually available weekly in the afternoon and evening. There are a limited number of courses that are offered online, or in a hybrid format of half online and half live. This does not include practicum.

We do offer both MSW/MPH and MSW/MPA dual degree masters programs. For more information, please visit the dual degree page.

No online program is offered at this time.

Tuition at OU is based on both the amount of hours you take per semester and whether or not you are live in or out of state when you apply. Please visit the bursar website to use the tuition estimator to find out the cost unique to you and your plans for the program.

Please visit the OU Financial Aid website for information on deadlines, resources, and the application for financial aid.

We do offer scholarships. Every spring students will receive information via their OU email address (new students will get this in their acceptance packet) which details all scholarships available for the upcoming year and how to apply for them. Additionally we have a limited number of Graduate Assistant positions available that offer a tuition waiver, a stipend, and health insurance. Information about these available positions will be distributed the same way as described above.

The majority of our part-time students have jobs while in the program, although some flexibility is required during the third year. We do not, however, recommend that our full-time or advanced standing students hold jobs while in the program. With a full-time course load and attending a practicum, holding a job can become too burdensome.

OU-Norman requires a parking permit. This can be obtained at the parking services office which is in Robertson Hall, room 311 or online. OU-Tulsa does not require a parking permit.

Student I.D.s can be obtained at the student union in Norman and in the Enrollment and Student Financial Services Office in Tulsa (the 1C hallway of the main building). Students should have cash or a check available.

To enroll please visit For enrollment tips, view this PowerPoint.

Advanced standing students declare their concentration on their application. Full-time and part-time students declare their concentration during the final spring of their foundation course work (the first thirty hours of their degree). For full-time students this is the spring of their first year and for part-time students this is the spring of their second year. It is important to note that all foundation coursework must be finished before students can more on to concentration coursework. For more information, please visit the concentration page.

We require six hours of electives.

Students are encouraged to take Social Work electives, but are not required. Non-social work electives can be taken as long as permission has been given by the graduate coordinator.

Obtaining an MSW is one of the requirements for licensed clinical social worker. To become a LCSW and view the requirements, please visit Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers at

The MSW prepares you to pursue advanced licensure in social work that will prepare you to do social work in many settings.This may include traditional counseling settings with adults, children, families, and groups as well as schools, hospitals, and any other settings where social workers may be.

For more information about graduate social work programs in Norman, please contact Dr. Anthony Natale at (405) 325-1408 or For information about the graduate program in Tulsa, please contact Lori Franklin at (918) 660-3350 or

D2L, or Desire2Learn, is an OU site that allows access to all OU courses offered at the University per your registration. If you are enrolled, you course will be listed once you log in. Instructors post syllabi and grades for their courses on D2L as well as using it for a place where you as a student can turn papers in electronically.

Turnitin is a program that checks for the originality of your paper. Many papers submitted through D2L are run through turnitin. For more information please click here or view this PowerPoint.