Generic Dual Degrees

The University of Oklahoma allows students to develop individually-designed dual degrees that meet their own individual educational needs. OU terms these dual degrees “generic dual degrees”. Typically, students earning generic dual degrees can reduce total degree requirements for both degrees by as much as 20 percent. To be admitted to a generic dual degree program, students must be admitted by both departments involved in the degree. Students must be admitted to both programs prior to completing 12 credit hours. Neither degree in a dual degree program is awarded formally until both degrees have been completed. Currently, several social work students are combining their Masters in Social Work degree with the Masters in Public Administration (MSW/MPA). As mentioned above, Direct Practice students wanting a dual MSW/MPH may design a generic dual degree in this area. Contact the graduate coordinator Anthony Natale in Norman at, (405) 325-1408, or Lori Franklin in Tulsa at, (918)-660-3350, with questions about generic dual degrees.