Kimberly M. Cassie, Ph.D., MSSW. MA 

Dr. Cassie is a gerontological social worker with over 12 years of practice experience working with older adults and their caregivers. Experiences gained in the field, inform her research which is focused on identifying opportunities to improve the quality of life and care for older adults. To this end, Dr. Cassie’s research has identified dimensions of organizational culture and climate in long-term care facilities that are associated with depressive symptoms and aggressive behavior among residents. Her research has also brought to light disparities in the use of physical restraints in long-term care facilities. More recently, she has explored the presence of bullying behaviors toward social workers in nursing home environments and the effect of these aggressive behaviors on organizational commitment and burnout. Findings from these studies can be used to begin to develop interventions to improve the living environment for older adults in nursing homes and the working environment for caregivers.

In looking to the future, Dr. Cassie intends to continue her research on the relationship between organizational culture, climate and outcomes with a pilot study to assess the effectiveness of an intervention for direct care providers in local nursing homes. In addition, she plans to explore the relationship between organizational and employee characteristics on racial disparities in long-term care facilities.

Dr. Cassie also looks forward to expanding her research in two areas at the University of Oklahoma. To begin, she proposes to examine the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences among family caregivers and their caregiving preferences and competencies. Finally, in partnership with the Center for Social Work in Healthcare, Dr. Cassie aims to examine the relationship between social workers in primary care and patient outcomes, particularly in relationship to the physical and mental health of older adults.

Dr. Cassis is on faculty in Tulsa and teaches Human Behavior in the Social Environment to graduate students.