Lori Franklin


Education: MSW, University of Oklahoma (2000), DSW, University of Tennessee College of Social Work (2015)

Lori Franklin's practice career focused on work with adults with mental illnesses. She was a therapist in outpatient community mental health, a clinical supervisor for case managers and therapists, a home- based therapist with children and adults, and a director of training. She has a wide range of skills in therapeutic modalities, as well as supervision and education in the workplace. Since arriving at the University of Oklahoma in 2007, Lori has served the School of Social Work in several capacities. Beginning as a clinical assistant professor, she was quickly promoted to Graduate Liaison, then Graduate Coordinator. She also has received a promotion to Clinical Associate Professor in 2014. Her teaching responsibilities have included Advanced Group Work, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, the Integrative Seminar for Direct Practice, the Advanced Standing Seminar, and Mental Health Assessment and Diagnosis. Lori’s publications include a book of decision cases, co-authored with Terry Wolfer from the University of South Carolina and Karen Gray also of the University of Oklahoma. This collection of decision cases, published by Columbia University Press, presents complex dilemmas of practice for students to analyze through intense discussion. Lori has also published an article on reflective supervision in the journal The Clinical Supervisor and a teaching exercise in the Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Social Work where her area of study in her doctoral program is on self-compassion and mindfulness interventions.