SW5170: Biopsychosocial Determinants of Health and Behavior

This Special Topics in Social Work, 3 credit hour class will be taught by Terrie Fritz in the summer of 2014. The primary focus of this course is on enhancing knowledge and understanding of biological determinants of health and behavior as it links and interacts with the psychological, emotional, environmental and spiritual dimensions of health and behavior. Drawing from the recent revolutions in knowledge from the fields of social neurology (The Decade of the Brain) and genetics (The Human Genome Project) this course will examine topics particularly relevant to social work practice such as attachment and bonding, trauma, psychotropic medications, addictions and genetic disorders. These issues will be discussed in relations to the individual, and family, as well as the ethical, policy and program/services implications.

We've moved

The Center for Social Work in Healthcare is now located in room 242, on the second floor of Anne and Henry Zarrow Hall. The director, Terrie Fritz, has an office on the third floor in room 312.