morgan Helms pic

Morgan Helms- EPIC participant

lacey vaughan pic

Lacey Vaughan- EPIC participant

kristen smith pic

Kristen (Smith) Messerli- Health Practicum Stipend participant

alyson sparkman pic

Alyson Sparkman- Health Practicum Stipend participant

zachary johnson pic

Zachary Johnson- EPIC participant

tatavia butler pic

Tatavia Butler- Health Stipend Recipient

For Students:

The EPIC Program
Empowering Patients through Collaborative Care (EPIC) is a program formed through a collaboration of eight colleges and programs: Social Work, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physician Associate, Dentistry, Allied Health, and Public Health. The EPIC program will provide interdisciplinary practice and training to students that will better prepare them for careers in the health care arena. Participants receive a stipend award, directed readings course credit and hours in the Epic program is applied to practicum hour requirements.

Health Practicum Stipend Program

The Health Practicum Stipend Program supports student education and training in the area of healthcare, with an emphasis on skills that will be applicable to the primary healthcare arena and/or a collaborative care setting within healthcare that integrates behavioral health with physical health and multidisciplinary practice. For the student who is interested in a career within health and/or mental health arenas, the Health Practicum Stipend Program offers a stipend of up to $3,000 for foundation year students and up to $6,000 for Concentration year students to support their practicum expenses and education.

Congratulations to EPIC program participants:

Yolanda Colbert- Tulsa

Morgan Helms- Tulsa

Zachary Johnson- Norman

Raina Leckie- Norman

Amber May- Norman

Phyllis Mcelroy- Tulsa

Amanda Wittkopf- Norman

Lacey Vaughan- Norman

Congratulations to Health Practicum Stipend Program participants:

Tatavia Butler- Norman

Raina Leckie- Norman

Olivia Reed- Norman

Paige Melton- Tulsa

Kristen (Smith) Messerli- Tulsa

Alyson Sparkman- Tulsa

For Professionals: