Pam Sanford


Education: Bachelors of Art in Filmmaking, University of Oklahoma (1978), Master of Social Work, University of Oklahoma (1982)

Clinical Interests: the Housing First model for ending chronic homelessness; community efforts to coordinate responses to homelessness; incorporation of service recipients as partners in the provision of services, art and the expression of experience for persons typically considered outside the mainstream; “outsider” art; film as a way of learning about mental illness, social justice issues, and unique perspectives

Pam graduated with her Bachelors in Art with a concentration in Filmmaking then went to work at Griffin Memorial Hospital working directly with patients. This experience changed her life, illuminating her passion and driving her to become a social worker. She graduated with her MSW in 1982 and went on to get her clinical license. She worked continuously with adults with mental illness for the next 33 years, mostly in community settings. Most recently she was Executive Director of Thunderbird Clubhouse, an international model that works to support adults with mental illness as they return to work, school and independent living. In this role she was active in developing a network to address homelessness in our community.