Part-Time Program

The part-time MSW program is 60 credit hours and can be completed in three or four years depending on what the student wishes. Students in the 60 hours program come from a wide variety of backgrounds, no BSW is required. The first thirty hours, called the foundation coursework, are general, foundational level social work courses. This coursework is the same for all students and makes up the first two years of the part-time program.

 After completing the first thirty hours of the program, students select their concentration and move into the concentration curriculum. The concentration curriculum makes up the remaining thirty hours. If the student chooses to complete the program in three years, the third year will look more like a full-time year. If the student chooses to complete the program in four years, the last two years will continue at the part-time pace. At OU, we offer two concentrations: Direct Practice and Administration and Community Practice (read more about them here). The courses in the concentration curriculum vary depending on which concentration is chosen.

To view individual course descriptions, please visit the course descriptions page.