Practicum Calendars

The University of Oklahoma Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work Practicum Program is available at the Tulsa and Norman campuses of the University of Oklahoma. Here you can find all calendars for each Practicum program.

  Undergraduate Practicum Calendars  
 Undergraduate Practicum Calendar (2016-2017)

 Foundation Year Practicum Calendars 
Part-Time Foundation Year (2016-2017) Fall-Spring FY Concurrent Calendar (2016-2017)
Full-Time Foundation Year (2016-2017) 
 Part-Time FY Summer Block (2016-2017)  
 Concentration Year Practicum Calendars 
Spring Block-Extended DP (2016) Fall-Spring Concurrent ACP Calendar (2016-2017)  
Fall-Spring Concurrent ACP Calendar (2016-2017)

 Spring Block DP Calendar (2017)  Spring Block-Extended DP Calendar (2016)