Shoshana (Shosh) Turjeman graduated from Hebrew University, Jerusalem with both her BSW AND MSW. She has received a certificate in psychotherapy from Tel Aviv University. Shosh, also received her two-year certificate to become a clinical supervisor from Haifa University. In 2016 Shosh was awarded the Innovation and excellence in developing services for youth at risk award. Shosh has published the following works: A Study on Cases of Sibling Sexual Abuse in Beit Lynn- Child Advocacy Center, Jerusalem, and The Exposure of Sexual Abuse, The Reaction and the Influence of the Immediate Environment. 

Shosh started with The University of Oklahoma this past August. She has moved to Tulsa, OK from Jerusalem, Israel where she was the Director of Beit Lynn Child Protection Center. She worked in this position for 12 years. Before this position she was a Major in the army for 22 years, where she was a mental health provider. Shosh has now been appointed director of Haruv USA.