Dovie Bowles: Involvement and Voting

Hello again, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Hopefully everyone got the much needed rest and relaxation to get through the next few weeks of classes. I just keep hearing the song “Break on through to the Other Side” by the Doors, and I know I can do this.

Some of you may know that recently the University of Oklahoma held elections for President and Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA). This election happens yearly, and as a student of the University of Oklahoma, we all can vote in this election. It was a great election with some very amazing people running for office. A friend of mine ran, so I know the candidates were great. There was also a run-off election between two tickets. Yes, my friend and her running mate were in the run-offs. The thing is I found out that on 5% of the student body voted in the election. I could not believe it, only 5%. What is wrong with this picture?

There are approximately 28,966 students enrolled at the University of Oklahoma and only about 1,448 students voted. Why such low numbers? Don’t the students care about what is happening at the school? It’s just crazy to me that people don’t vote, even for something as simple as SGA. How do they expect to run this country in the future if they don’t vote? I mean most of the students here are the future leaders of our cities, states and nation, right? But yet only 5% of them voted in the elections for our SGA leaders. How many of you, social work students, voted? Aren’t we supposed to be advocates? Shouldn’t advocates be voting so as to create the future we want?

Ok so here’s my thing, go out and get involved in your school. Become a member, or even an officer, of a student organization. I know when I first came back to school I told my family and friends I was just going to get my degree and that was it. I had no intentions of getting involved in student life or anything else, just get my degree and move on. Well that lasted for one semester. I am not involved in everything, and I not saying that anyone should be involved in everything. Just get involved in something. As future social workers we will all be involved in many different things dealing with people and issues of all sorts. So why not start now?
Get out, get involved, and for goodness sake, VOTE! Voting is a power that many did not have the right to do for so long. So many people fought to give us all the right to vote so please exercise that right. Vote to make the changes in your community that you want, vote to create the future you want to see, vote for the leaders you want in office, just vote, vote, vote.

Dovie Bowles
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