Student Representatives & Organizations

From student organizations, honor societies, and committees, we have a number of ways for students to get involved with both the program and the campuses at large. We hope you'll consider joining us as we work invest in social work education. 

Norman Campus

Field Education Committee Representative
Rachel Chapman

ARREA Committee Representative
Melanie Lee
Andrea Schlupp

Tulsa Campus

MSW Student Association
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Faculty Sponsor: Tiffany Adamson
President: Celeste Prose
Vice President: Lacy Bellamy
Treasurer: Katie David
Secretary: Hannah Hicks

Phi Alpha
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Faculty Sponsor: Rachel McBride
President - Autumn Asher
Vice President - Deborah Bowen
Treasurer - Hannah Hicks

Student Government Assoc. Representatives
Joy Miller-Davis

Curriculum Committee Representative
Joy Miller-Davis

ARREA Committee Representative 
Rachel Baluh

Field Education Committee
Katie David