Terrie Fritz

Terrie Fritz, LCSW, currently serves as Director of the Center for Social Work in Healthcare (CSWHC) at the Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma. She wrote and submitted the proposal to the University Hospital Trust to establish the CSWHC, and received the first of six annual funding installments in spring of 2012. She is also a Clinical Instructor and teaches graduate courses related to healthcare as well as serving in the role of field liaison for students in health field units. The mission of the CSWHC is to facilitate and support the use of the social work profession in healthcare services with an emphasis on the integration of social work into primary healthcare in Oklahoma. Ms. Fritz develops and oversees the CSWHC efforts within the AHZSSW to increase student training and learning opportunities in the healthcare arena and provides technical assistance and support to key health care providers in Oklahoma regarding best practices for integrating social work behavioral care services into primary health care. As director of the CSWHC and AHZSSW faculty, she has working to enhance the interprofessional training opportunities for AHZSSW students interested in health care. She is faculty for the Empowering Patients through Interprofessional Care (EPIC) program which is an interdisciplinary training program for medical, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, dentistry, public health and social work students. She is also faculty for an interdisciplinary training rotation at the OU health sciences center for pharmacy, nutritional service physician associates and social work students in caring for persons with diabetes. Prior to joining the faculty of the AHZSSW Ms. Fritz served as Director of Child Health and Director of Behavioral Health at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority which administers the state‚Äôs Medicaid program. She has held many leadership positions at both the state and national levels within NASW. At the state level she has served on the board of directors and has served as president. At the national level, she has been the chair of the Committee on Ethics, and also the Delegate Assembly Planning Committee. She was vice chair of the Insurance Trust, and was elected to the NASW Board of Directors where she served as member-at-large. She is currently a member for the professional work group which is rewriting and updating the NASW Standards for the Practice of Social Work in Healthcare Settings. She provides workshops for Social Workers on how to reduce malpractice risk as part of the NASW Assurance Services.